Sergios Manarakis

Attorney-at-law of the Supreme Court of Greece
Accredited Mediator (CIArb – Law 3898/2010 and 4640/2019)


2000: Master of Laws (LL.M.), Edinburgh University, UK, School of Law.

1999: LL.B., University of Athens, School of Law Economic and Political Sciences, Faculty of Law.

Training Courses – Conferences on Mediation

2017.10.07: “Fighting Counterfeit in Greece. Anti-Counterfeit actions, methods etc. Introducing Mediation in Anti-Counterfeit actions”, Trademark Companies Association (ESIMET), Athens.

2017.06.22: “Verhaltensökonomik & Mediation”, Arbitration and Mediation Center of the German – Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Antonios Karambatzos, Associate Professor of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens.

2015.04.24 – 2016.04.20: “Neurons Force. Mediation for prevention and management of conflicts in school”. Hellenic Scientific Society of Peer’ Advisory, in cooperation with the Peer’ Advisory Center, Athens.

2014.5.16: “1st CAS Conference on Mediation”, TAS/CAS, Lausanne.

2014.5.8-10: “Negotiations in Mediation – Top Skill for each Mediator, Hellenic Union of Mediators, D. Papakonstantinou, Athens.

2014.2.19, Athens: “Mediation, an important alternative dispute resolution method”. European Public Law Organization, Hellenic Union of Mediators.

2013.5.1-5: “Community Mediation Training”. Mediators Beyond Borders International & Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Centre, Athens.

2013.1.25-26: “Advanced Mediation Training”. Resolvers Formation SARL Thierry Garby and Jane Gunn, Athens.

2012.4.02: “Mindgames in Mediation”. CEDR Continuing Professional Development Course, Athens.

2011.3.11-12: “UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres”. Union Internationale des Avocats, Athens.

2010.5.28-29: “Mediation in Civil and Commercial Disputes”. Bar Association of Piraeus and Thessaloniki, JAMS International ADR Center, Piraeus.

2009.10.26-31: “Mediation”. Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Center and Hellenic Management Association, Patras.

2009.4.23-25: “Mediation Skills Training for Lawyers”. Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Center, Athens.

2008.3.21, Athens: “Mediation on Family Business”, Hellenic Centre of Mediation and Arbitration.

Scientific Activities

Conferences (Speaker):

2014.03.12, Athens: Workshop, Business and Mediation. Organized by SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises), ALBA: “Mediation in Sport – The international experience.

2010.11.29-12.1, China: International Symposium on Scientized Sports Law: “The role of the International Sport Federations in the Enforcement of the Arbitral Award”.

2010.11.24-28, Seoul: 16th World I.A.S.L. Congress on Sports Law: “Arbitrating or Mediating Sport Related Disputes? Pros and Cons”.

2010.09.17, Nicosia: Sports Law Workshop. Organized by the Cyprus Olympic Committee and the Cyprus Sports Law Institute: “Penal and discipline responsibility in sport.

2010.09.6-7, Istanbul: International Sports Law & Business Conference – ISLBC.: Applying the applicable law: The ex aequo et bono provision of the FAT Rules”.

2010.04.23-24, Sharm El Sheikh: First Legal Arab Forum ARAB LEX SPORTIVA: “How to Deal with the FIFA Judicial Bodies and the Subsequent TAS/CAS Appeal”.

2009.11.19-21, Poland: 15th World I.A.S.L. Congress on Sports Law: “Provisional Measures by TAS/CAS”.

2009.03.06, Athens: 12th Panhellenic Conference of Professors of Physical Education: “Resolution of Sport Related Disputes by ASEAD”.

2008.11.27-29, Athens: 14th World I.A.S.L. Congress on Sports Law: “Greek Choregia and modern sponsoring; Application Problems”.


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Collective Works

- Colantuoni L., Balcarczyk J., Caba M.G., Gentzsch R., Manarakis S., Shevchenko O., IP and Image Rights in Sports. General Outline and Comparative Aspects, in Rights of Personality in the XXI Century, New values, rules, technologies, by Justyna Balcarczyk (ed. Wolters – Kluwer), 2012 (in English).

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